The final countdown…

So I’m now 12 dpo and still no positive, (if you’re not keen on too much information I’d skip the next paragraph) I keep thinking I’m getting my period as I feel crampy (but not nearly a fraction on how painful they normally are), I check my discharge (sorry) and it’s completely clear, watery in fact. I’m also feeling like I’m getting a cold and my pre-pregnancy vitamins are making my pee looks radio active!


I think now I’ve had so many negative results it’s kept my feet on the ground, I’m no longer pinning all my hopes on a second line; I mean how many women really fall pregnant on their first cycle? The really lucky ones! Although I personally know two of my friends who did so I know it can happen. Will I really be that lucky? Possibly not in all reality. Other friends of mine took 6 months and another took her over a year with MC in between.

My husband and I wanted to try the Shettles method as we would love a girl so we BD 3 days before OV based on that calendar; though as I was really only guessing when that would be it was difficult. Luckily I got a little smiley face on the clear blue test on the 3rd day so you never know. The method is based on the girl sperm surviving longer; if we don’t fall pregnant this month, next month we close the gap to 2 days before OV and if we’re still not lucky on cycle 2 I”ll no longer be bothered and this will go out the window!

I’ve got two more days before my period is due; I’m preparing myself to expect it as I don’t want the disappointment to take over, I will just pick myself up and move on to planning cycle 2.

Still thinking positive…


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