Cycle 2 Day 2

Yes, that’s right; cycle 1 was unfortunately unsuccessful and of course I’m disappointed. On Saturday afternoon I was still hopeful although I was still testing negative; I went to work, which was a very useful distraction. Saturday evening I saw some brown spotting; then it stopped. Then Sunday morning AF reared it’s ugly head, in full flow bang on time according to both my apps.

Today, the cramps set in, this must have been about 5 or 6am this morning. So as if getting my period wasn’t bad enough to start with, I get the round-house kick to the stomach which didn’t subside (with the helping hand from a lot of painkillers and a slice of cake) until about lunch time. I have always experienced pain so bad I feel faint, nausea, and I struggle to stand up straight!

I have learnt from this month though; the main thing is timing of course but there is also many things that I would do differently just to help me stay sane!

I’m lucky in the sense that although I have had irregular periods for most of my life; my apps really help me keep track of this. I did have a little scare at the beginning of last year when I identified symptoms of endometriosis; I was carefully monitored by my doctor for quite some time; I had some scans at various points in my cycle and they did not find anything that was cause for alarm.I was given some pain killers and advised to take Iron tablets which I did for a while; but it’s very alarming when your poo turns black!

Anyway, I digress… The long and the short of it is that after keeping all of this data and continuing to do so, I have a chart to help me identify the long and short months and of course I have started using ovulation tests straight away as I know that I just can’t ‘wing it’ when it comes to my cycle.

Still have not been able to see a pattern; very random. 

The one thing I can’t identify is a pattern unfortunately, my cycle can range anything from 23 to 35 days. Last month I used the basic pink ClearBlue Ovulation test which I did get a positive reading on the day my app said I would (which is handy) however, if we are still trying the Shettles method (as I mentioned in my last post) this isn’t helpful if you needed to know 3-4 days before hand. So, this month I’ve gone for the ClearBlue Dual Hormone test; which although I’ve read some bad reviews, the vast majority of them are raving, this make me wonder if the bad reviews are those who may have not used it properly or even got a faulty product. I found a fantastic bargain on ebay and got it half RRP. We have also decided we are going with 6,4 and 2 days before OV basing this on Shettles but closing the gap a bit, so will keep going during the ‘flashy’ stage and then one last time on the first ‘static’ day. Will also use the ‘special’ lubricant, just to increase the chances a bit.


So there’s the science bit sorted, all I need to do now is stop stressing! Easier said than done of course, I’m going to try my best to not test too early this time; apart from anything I can’t afford to keep buying the tests! I do have some cheaper tests left so I may be able to do every other day from 10 DPO possibly, but I’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to try not to symptom spot; every symptom I had this month I was constantly googling and over analysing; and of course I now know it was a pre-menstrual symptom. So what’s the point? It’s only going to drive me mad! There is also a lot to be said for reducing stress levels when it comes to conceiving so; now I have this. My blog. I’m not going to share it on social media, although for those if you who have read and liked my posts thank you so much, this really does help me make sense of things in my head. Of course my husband and I don’t want our bedroom antics shared; so I will of course remain anonymous, but of course I will always be…

Thinking positive.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 2 Day 2

  1. Good luck with it all. It’s horrible when your hopes get dashed. I remember I went through that for nine months until I finally conceived. I put on weight because I was so emotional with it all and also imagined I was having pregnancy cravings. It is a rollercoaster. Hope it’s a short TTC ride for you.


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