Outside Noise

"In my opinion" ...Is what a lot of people start to say when they want to pour their advise onto you. There are many people who do understand and then there are people who think they understand. When you are trying for a baby, there becomes a minefield of people that want to give you …

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Your Guess is as Good as Mine….

I had my suspicions yesterday that I'd get a Negative test this morning and sure enough that was indeed the case. I didn't feel the wave of disappointment with this one though as I know I was merely taking it just to be sure so we can move on with cycle 3.  I do however …

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Throwing A Curve Ball

When you imagine trying to conceive you trust that the day AF arrives, that's it. The game is over, move along, nothing to see here; but wait... did we not tell you about Implantation Bleeding? No? Ok, so how do I identify if this is indeed implantation bleeding? Not easily, again there is no 'rule' …

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Lying Eyes

Sometimes your eyes can deceive you, but you still cling on to hope.


My rose tinted glass is forever half full.

I'm half way through the two week wait and desperately trying to distract myself from looking up symptoms on the internet. Mainly as last month this got me absolutely no where. I have however had different symptoms to last month;  I've had little to no creamy CM and egg white CM has had tiny flecks …

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Mad as a March Hare…

As I wake up every morning I realise I've been having some really strange dreams, then within about an hour of getting up I can't remember any of them. As March has really kicked started, and as the mornings are getting light I'm also finding I'm waking up earlier every day too. With the sunshine …

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Cycle 2 Day 12

Very exciting week this week, I've been very optimistic about progress purely because the Clear Blue Dual hormone test appears to be working almost exactly the same as my app is predicting. On CD 9 I got my first flashing smiley face, then today (cycle day 12) I got my first static smiley face. I did …

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Cycle 2 Day 8

I've wanted to write a post for a few days now with so many thoughts in my head, now I'm sitting with the laptop and my mind has gone blank. Always the way isn't it? I've been more relaxed than I thought I would be over the last few days, certainly more than last cycle, …

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