Cycle 2 Day 12

Very exciting week this week, I’ve been very optimistic about progress purely because the Clear Blue Dual hormone test appears to be working almost exactly the same as my app is predicting. On CD 9 I got my first flashing smiley face, then today (cycle day 12) I got my first static smiley face. I did have to stare at it for a while just to make sure I was seeing it right, a was 7am!) We have hopefully timed it right this month (using Shettles as a guideline) I don’t think that the Hubby and I have discuss my cycle in quite as much details in the 10 years we have been together! We have even been able to have a giggle about it and I love his impression of a swimming sperm!!

Static Smiley Cycle Day 12

Our struggles this month have mainly been keeping the energy up to be able to ‘perform’ on the days we need it, but we are becoming more experienced in knowing what works for us and what doesn’t. If we are not successful this month I hope that I am not working late shifts during my next fertile week as that has been a massive strain for the last two cycles. There’s nothing like living in the moment and being romantic; then there is the added pressure of it must be now or it may be too late in the back of your mind.

We have been able to BD the last two nights and although there is no scientific research to prove that legs in the air makes any difference whatsoever, I’ve done it anyway, just to make me feel better. We did have a big debate at 7am this morning, should be try again tonight or not? If we weren’t following Shettles then yes absolutely, we’d carry on over the weekend, however as the egg will be released within 24-36 hours from now Shettles advises not to BD from 2 days prior to OV, then 2-3 days DPO. So, as we agreed to try this for just 3 months, as we would both love a little girl, (we already have a name picked out) we are sticking with this and keeping everything crossed.

I know it is very controversial having  preference but it’s worth a try for the first few months; if we are not lucky enough to fall pregnant then yes we will be abandoning this method.

I have decided to start a Twitter account this week (@Me2Mummy) as it is something else to look at and distract myself with as well as writing this blog. I have found that there are not many potential mummies-to-be that take to twitter this early in their TTC journey, very similar to the blogging world. There are many woman who share their infertility stories and IVF stories. If you are like me and are in the early stages of TTC I would love to hear from you; and also if you are further along in the journey too and I wish you all the luck in the world!

So here we go, I’m starting the two week wait for the second time, hats off to those of you who have done this so many times. Here’s to all those little swimmers out there… go for it! Think positive!



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