Throwing A Curve Ball

When you imagine trying to conceive you trust that the day AF arrives, that’s it. The game is over, move along, nothing to see here; but wait… did we not tell you about Implantation Bleeding? No? Ok, so how do I identify if this is indeed implantation bleeding? Not easily, again there is no ‘rule’ to it. Of course, you here the same line, every woman is different again and again. So I did some reading and found a website which gave me the following snippet:

Implantation bleeding often causes spotting or off-and-on bleeding for about one or two days. This differs from a menstrual cycle, which normally lasts between four to seven days. Cramping severity: Both menstruation and implantation bleeding can cause cramping, but cramps from your period feel much more intense.

Colour: for implantation bleeding the discharge or spotting will usually be pinkish or dark brown, whereas period blood tends to be bright, vibrant red. Duration: as implantation bleeding only happens while the egg is fixing itself to the uterus, it may last as little as a few hours or up to 1-2 days.

There is so much more information on this website, I pretty much think I have read it all. I know from my regular periods that I have had since coming off chemical birth control 6 years ago, I get very heavy excruciating periods; for example last month there was no shadow of a doubt that AF-arrivath. I am regularly in so much pain I feel faint and can’t stand up. This month just felt different. For a start it was mostly brown, I did have some clotting which made me think it was normal AF however what for me would normally last 5 days has lasted just over 2 days,  from Friday lunchtime to tea time yesterday, possibly even earlier than that.

I’ve basically had what can only be described as half a period. Half the flow, half the pain, half the time. It has been light then moderate to heavy then light then nothing.

Do I really want to raise my hopes again?  Probably not, I’m just going to put this down to a short month for the moment, however I am going to test again on Wednesday morning just to be sure.

These are the things that no-one tells you about your ‘trying to conceive’ journey, there is no one rule for everyone, all women are different. If I hadn’t been speaking with @RawMum on Twitter I’m not sure I would have even known about or have considered Implantation Bleeding. She however has had similar symptoms to me and got her BFP on Day 33. I have spoken with a close friend of mine who said her mum got her period before a positive test, it make me wonder how many women are getting this and then an inaccurate due date initially. This is certainly something that is not talked about and there are not a lot of resources out there. It is certainly more common than you realise after reading forum posts going back several years.

If I don’t get a positive result that is fine, I’m already so prepared for that I purchased my next pack of Clear Blue Ovulation tests. However this would not explain the nausea I had last week and my coffee tasting ‘not quite right’, the tugging feeling I had for a week and the strange CM. When I go through the two week wait again I’m going to try my best to log each symptom but also ignore it at the same time. Easier said than done of course.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the few days I have from work before I am back on Wednesday, luckily I’m working from home. As always, I’m still thinking positive.


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