Your Guess is as Good as Mine….

I had my suspicions yesterday that I’d get a Negative test this morning and sure enough that was indeed the case. I didn’t feel the wave of disappointment with this one though as I know I was merely taking it just to be sure so we can move on with cycle 3.  I do however have many unanswered questions as I had such a wide variety of symptoms this month and many of them I just can’t explain.

I like to think I know my body pretty well as I am very soon to be 38 and I think I’ve got a pretty good grip on it. I’ve been tracking my cycle for such a long time although I do wish I had tracked my symptoms for as long.

So looking at this logically you can say I’ve had AF symptoms although really it is just a guessing game we play with ourselves and I’ve been on the edge of driving myself crazy with it!

Last month I had such a wide range of symptoms many of which I’ve had many times before whereas there are one or two I just can’t explain.

Regular symptoms include:

  • Cramping
  • normal creamy CM
  • sore boobs

Irregular symptoms include:

  • cottage cheese CM
  • tugging feeling (although could be wind)
  • nausea
  • going off coffee

Of course all the above symptoms could completely non related to my monthly cycle, pregnant or otherwise. I’ve never before had a period as short as 3 days, 4 days yes but never 3 days. I’ve had some minor spotting too, this is something that I would normally get at the beginning.

At this point I just can’t see any reasons why I’ve had the unusual symptoms, you search in forums almost desperately trying to find the answers you are looking for and interpret them the way you want. It’s not ideal as then you’re building yourself up, and as you are looking for the symptoms in your mind your body can play tricks on you. I’ve decided to change my mind set this month and we’ve both decided to change strategy; if you can call it strategy.

At the moment I’m using three apps two of which I prefer the layout but they all have great features, I’m using Flo Period and Ovulation tracker; Period Tracker, My Calendar and Clue all of which have their plus and minus and each of them have different cycle length settings entered in them, as I can have anything from a 25 to 27 day cycle (my longest has been 52 days last year but that was a one off) so each of them predict an ovulation date based on that cycle length. So with the help of Clear Blue Dual Hormone Ovulation kit I can get a clearer idea of when I will be ovulating.

We are also going to try to keep the pressure off us and try to go with the flow, luckily I am working a normal week next week so we have plenty of time in the evenings, so we can take our time and enjoy it rather than feeling rushed at 11pm like we did last month.

In the meantime, I have updated my Twitter profile picture to the negative tests I have taken (which I will now throw away) , when I eventually get my positive test I will change the photo to the positive. If you would like to follow me on Twitter that would be lovely @Me2Mummy

I feel that it reflects the stages of my journey, hopefully soon I’ll be able to change it to a scan photo. 


So I’m looking forward to this month and all of the possibilities and of course, I will be Thinking Positive.


2 thoughts on “Your Guess is as Good as Mine….

  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the result this month. You’ve definitely had some odd symptoms.
    Glad to see that you are thinking positive and moving onward. It’s a tough time to keep the positivity flowing. I’m just wondering whether a nice inspirational twitter profile picture would be better? Otherwise every time you go on there you are reminded of negative things?
    To keep myself positive each cycle I bought a little charm for my bracelet. Nothing expensive, just something to channel any emotions and pack them away to start the next cycle afresh. I’m lucky that I only had two cycles – I’ve got a Celtic twisty clip (to remind me that there are always more cycles to try) and a knot charm (to remind me that life likes to tie us in knots and throw us curved balls).
    Good luck with cycle 3


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