Refresh and Reboot…

It’s been an interesting month, I’ve certainly had some ups and downs. It started well, I used the Clear Blue ovulation tests from day 7 as I had done the previous month, I was checking my CM daily and I started using the Ovia app to see if this was any better than the others. By Cycle day 13 I had run out of patience and refills of the Clear Blue and I still hadn’t seen my static smiling face; I also hadn’t had my usual confirmed EWCM. After looking at forums I decided to start tracking my temps too, so off I went to Boots and purchased a pack of ovulation strips and a thermometer. After testing for a further 5 days I discovered 3 out of those 5 days came back positive. Confused? I certainly was!

Starting at the top Wednesday to Sunday

So at this moment we had no idea which was correct and the temps that I had been tracking weren’t giving me much insight. I then started to look to see if there was anything I can use to help me interpret the data that I had.


I found that Fertility Friend was a firm favourite with many who were logging theirs so I installed it to give it a try.  It took a while to back date what I had especially adding in the CM and symptoms but eventually I found that we had our timing completely wrong. Thanks to my irregular cycles I ovulated on cycle day 18 and not cycle day 14 as originally thought so our last BD was the day before. If we had known or had a better insight we would have continued for a few more days or at least left some spaces in between.

FF cycle 3

I would have a clearer pattern had I taken temps from day one but at the point I found this out (cycle day 26 the day of my last negative test) it was already too late in the cycle to do anything about it. We just had to hope for the best. It also had me prepared for the fact the AF wouldn’t be due when I thought so I didn’t take any more tests that week and so I just waited.

In the meantime I logged my symptoms and kept up with the insights which were interesting. I did however forget the times my first 14 temps were taken and were a bit up and down. As my temp started to drop I think I already knew that this was another month that would be written off.

I was very good, I bought tests and didn’t take them, I was saving them for the recommended test day; AF on the other hand had other plans and showed up during my CM check. Perfect. I just cried. I was so disappointed; had we fallen pregnant this month the baby would have been due on the 1st January. Twas not meant to be. I spent the first part of the morning basically sobbing like a child, with the hubby giving me cuddles and looking at the calendar to see what shifts I’d be on next month. I stomped about the kitchen and made some dippy eggs and soldiers. Then hubby found somewhere we could go for a walk to blow away the cobwebs. It definitely worked, I was in quite a bit of pain on the way up the hill but by the time we got to the top I just felt everything wash away.

So to reboot and refresh. This month I have switched to pads for AF, cramps haven’t been as bad; I may even hunt out my cup. I have purchased a better BBT Thermometer which records to 2 decimal places for more accuracy; I have 30 Ovulation tests to test every day. I am not going to use FMU for the OV test for more accuracy (may mean me taking a plastic cup and a test to work though – ick) I have set an alarm to take my temps too so they will be at the same time each day. All the twinges, pains and pulls I’m going to ignore as much as I can, finally we are going to BD every couple of days from the end of AF and add in a couple of extra days around ovulation and after.

After this month if we are in the same position, I will be visiting the doctors. I will make an appointment anyway as I have discovered they are hard to come by!

I think we have turned a corner in knowing what to look for, every month I find something that I can do differently. Most importantly of all, we have to keep n thinking positive.


2 thoughts on “Refresh and Reboot…

  1. Oh my lovely. Sorry to hear that this was not the month to be. It’s tough when everything gets clinical. Hope you can enjoy the journey too. I’m not enjoying it much at the moment either but trying to find the positives. Good luck for next cycle. Enjoy the fresh air – I always find walks do wonders for my health too.
    Baby dust and happy times ahead

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