The BBT Rollercoaster

It’s been quite some time since I wrote my last blog, in fact I can’t believe how long it’s been. It’s been a tough 5 weeks; I’ve gone through a full cycle since then and I’m still no further forward.

I’ve been trying not to over analyse my charts despite this being the hardest thing. I’m also still surrounded by baby’s, pregnant people and I’m now noticing every single hint on television programs.

Despite not yet being pregnant yet, I still find myself seeing things I would want to buy when it is our turn. I’m looking at peoples pushchairs; clothes and in Boots yesterday I fell for a changing bag. I feel like I’m jinxing myself though and I’ve never really seen myself as being superstitious. Is it wrong to want to make a note of these things when we are ready to buy or am I better not thinking about anything at all until I need to?

Without getting my hopes up I feel like we did well this cycle, although my temps have been somewhat unreliable. Initially my temperatures recorded showed an ovulation date of CD 16 however this did not calculate until CD 20 so we only had my positive OPK to go by when we were timing BD days. With an Ov date of day 16 we were doing really well and had ‘High’ chance in the timing analyser on FertilityFriend. Then a few days later the calculations do a U turn, and recalculated Ov at CD18. By this time it’s far too late to add in any extra BD days. Apart from the fact we were exhausted, I was way out of my fertile window with either of those. I’m now on CD 27 and after looking at my temps and OPK closely and discovering the override feature I have decided to manually set my Ov day to CD 17. So my chart now looks like this:


Even if this is wrong I’ve gone with the compromise between the two dates although I still believe I ovulated on CD 16 despite the temp rise being so small. I am hoping for good news and I am quietly/cautiously optimistic, however I have still made an appointment with my doctor to discuss matters should AF show up again for the 6th time. This may seem a little early however as I am over 36 the NHS advise to see a doctor earlier than the recommended one year; also taking into account I had scans last year to check to see if I had a fibroid as I spotted symptoms of endometriosis earlier that year.

In the meantime I’m trying to stay as positive as possible and steer clear of any stress.


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